Favourite Film:

Stand By Me – Rob Reiner

Favourite Song:

No Diggity – Blackstreet ft Dr. Dre, Queen Pen

Favourite Music Video:

Praise You – Fatboy Slim (Dir. Spike Jonze)


Favourite TV Show:


Favourite Youtube Series:

Monster Factory - Polygon

Favourite Food:

BBQ Ribs - Texas


We create innovative, practical, hand crafted video content.

Music videos, live events, short films and more.


Handcrafted means that we enjoy doing things as tangible as possible. So, if we can find a way of doing something

ourselves, practically, and get our hands dirty, we will.


Prosthetics, costume, creature creation, make-up, fake blood, we love it all.


Watch this space for some amazing things coming soon, we can't wait to share what we're currently working on.


If you’re a band or solo artist wanting to expand your audience, play to the world and treat all your loyal fans to a visual fiesta to accompany your sultry soulful sounds, we’re your guys.


If you’re an event organiser and want a chance to relive and share the event with the world, we’re here to help.


Whatever your talents, video content can help to reach a whole new audience and here at Moose Lorals, we’re not half bad. Honest.


We run end to end production, so from the first collaboration of ideas, to the handing over of the final product the only people you will be dealing with is us. We like to work closely with you to make a shared vision become a reality that all parties can be proud of.